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Vision – Bringing Families together.

The St. Stephen’s ‘Family Movement’ was started 20 years back. The Family Movement meets once a month on either the 2nd or the 3rd Saturday evening at 5 p.m., usually at our church. The program starts with evening prayer followed by various activities mostly coordinated by the kids. In the meeting, children and adults are given opportunities to share their ideas and messages. An MC is chosen from the children for every meeting who leads that evening’s program. The MCs usually add jokes and riddles in between programs to keep the group entertained. This exposure will help them to become future leaders in our church and community without doubt. We encourage all church families to bring their children and their friends to the family movement meetings in our church. Activities in the meetings include Qurbana Song practice, children’s message, Bible quiz, memory verse from the Bible, message by adults, and discussion for the next meeting’s agenda. Occasionally we have guest speakers. Last but not least – dinner is served after the meeting, usually sponsored by the member families.

The Family Movement is engaged in charity work here in the US, and also in India. The funds are raised mainly by Family Movement member donations and used only for charity work. Cash donation to Habitat for Humanity in Bergen County, sponsorship of two kids at St. Paul’s Balabhavan in Puthupadi, Kerala, and financial assistance to couple of needy families in India. Supporting Habitat for Humanity and kids at St. Paul’s Balabhavan are continued without a break for the past several years. Family Movement members are also active participants in our Sunday school, OVBS, Christmas Program, and the Family Camp – a cherished event loved by everyone.
May God Almighty continue to Bless St. Stephen’s Family Movement!


Titus Mathew

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